Gail Godwin

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‘You Don’t Know What Is In You ‘Til You Try’

Gail Godwin spent formative years of her childhood in Western North Carolina. A keynote speaker at the upcoming Carolina Mountains Literary Festival, she was kind enough to share some thoughts on her upbringing and childhood.



Photo Essay, August 2018

Carla Passmore


Welcome back to the south

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Grasping my Southern identity is about as easy as grabbing a fistful of Smoky Mountain fog. The question “Where are you from?” always provoked hesitation growing up. more

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Among hundreds of warriors in the Battle of Taliwa in 1755, a young woman and her husband waged this decades-old conflict together. Nanyehi, 17 years old, and her husband, Kingfisher, fought together for the Cherokee. more

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In August 1940, five days of thunderstorms and torrential rains brought massive flooding to large parts of Western North Carolina. more

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The Carolina Mountains Literary Festival is a three-day celebration of writing and reading that takes place in early September each year in Burnsville, North Carolina. The event features presentations, public discussions, workshops and live music. more

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There a distinct feeling that draws people to Waynesville’s wide sidewalks, weathered brick buildings, and broad bay windows. Words like comfortable, interesting and enjoyable come to mind. more


Christine Hoyer has always loved the outdoors and backcountry exploration. After a first career in research psychology, she decided it was time for a change and quit to volunteer on the Appalachian Trial. more

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The Art of Spinach Germination

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It's time to gear up for the fall growing season. more

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