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Messing With Greens

Leftover mashed potatoes were often the base for potato cakes at our next meal. My mother seasoned hers with onion chipped small and plenty of pepper, but I like to add other ingredients for a hearty main dish.



A sculpture that has graced the South Terrace at the Biltmore House for more than a century underwent surgery in June to replace an arm that originally went missing decades ago. more

Sweet Appalachia

At first glance, you may not be familiar with the name Jim Rooney. By all accounts, though, you’re probably well-aware of the people, places and things he not only was part of, but also created, championed, and chased after. more

Sweet Appalachia

Bumble bee on wingstem

Phyllis Stiles

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, bee stings were a regular occurrence. Once stung, you knew the power of the bee, but for most of us, the pain and tears from a sting were a part of childhood. more

Sweet Appalachia

Albino Skunk Festival

John Gillespie Photography LLC

A slight breeze awoke me from my slumber one recent Saturday morning. Swaying in the hammock, I looked upward while the first sunshine of the day sprinkled through the branches all tangled high above. more

Sweet Appalachia

Not every mountain farm had a cow or a pig, but virtually every household had a flock of chickens and they most often graced the Sunday table. more

Sweet Appalachia

Smoky Mountain Living is proud to bring you the recipes of Ronni Lundy, an Appalachian author and editor whose work has been honored with two James Beard Foundation awards. more

Sweet Appalachia

Traditional Tastes of the Mountains

Fred Sauceman

You can find Himalayan eggplant in Asheville, North Carolina. You can find Indian street food. You can find Korean seafood pancakes. In my home county in East Tennessee, there are three Vietnamese restaurants. Pho is now commonplace. more

Sweet Appalachia


Josh Brown photo

A network of winding backroads interlaces the foreboding geography of Southern Appalachia from Virginia to Alabama. more

Sweet Appalachia

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