Sweet Appalachia

Buttermilk brown sugar pie

Lovely, Lovely Pie

Pies were the Mother of Invention because necessity required that they be made from whatever was on hand. In the summer there was no dearth of fruit that could be gathered—often by small children who would eagerly do the work for just reward later.



Across the country, tween girls dance in front of mirrors singing Taylor Swift hits, or granddads sit on porches picking banjos and mandolins. more

Sweet Appalachia

A conversation with the Smokies’ shutterbug

Kristina Plaas photo

Knoxville-based photographer Kristina Plaas got bitten by the photography bug at a young age, and she’s channeled that passion into a unique role at the nation’s most-visited national park. more

Sweet Appalachia

Sitting on a rather large fallen tree branch, Langhorne Slim gazes out onto the grounds of FloydFest. The annual late July gathering has become a haven of sorts for tens of thousands of folks seeking genuine human compassion and melodic serenity. more

Sweet Appalachia

Roasting a Pig and Remembering

Photo by Fred Sauceman.

Every October, Eduardo Zayas-Bazán travels from Miami to East Tennessee, where he once taught Spanish. His mission: to reunite with friends over a roasting, citrus-marinated, garlicky pig. more

Sweet Appalachia

Bacon Extraordinaire

Aubrie Pick photo

Americans are deeply in love with the meat of all meats, the cured (often smoked) fatty belly of the pig. While its saturated fat content may make bacon a “sometimes” food for health, it is an “always” food for those who swoon for swine. more

Sweet Appalachia

A sculpture that has graced the South Terrace at the Biltmore House for more than a century underwent surgery in June to replace an arm that originally went missing decades ago. more

Sweet Appalachia

At first glance, you may not be familiar with the name Jim Rooney. By all accounts, though, you’re probably well-aware of the people, places and things he not only was part of, but also created, championed, and chased after. more

Sweet Appalachia

Bumble bee on wingstem

Phyllis Stiles

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, bee stings were a regular occurrence. Once stung, you knew the power of the bee, but for most of us, the pain and tears from a sting were a part of childhood. more

Sweet Appalachia

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