Comfort food: Traditional Appalachian mountain recipes to warm the body & soul




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My Tennessee Childhood Memories

The oranges, tangerines, and assorted nuts we kids found in our Christmas Stockings back in the 1940s were a delight. We put off tasting them for a while because my mother would soon be serving buttermilk biscuits, country ham and fried oysters (my father grew up in Florida) for breakfast. We were a relatively poor family but my mother canned, pickled, and dried relentlessly to make sure we ate well in the winter. I have so many great memories of those days.

Charlie Sommers 251 days ago


By the way, I went to Young Harris College in the late 60's/early 70's. At that time only one building in Helen had an Alpine flavor. I loved North Georgia and venturing around Appalachia in the "tri-state" area

Ward Riggins more than 2 years ago

Traditional Appalachian mountain

This is a wonderful story. Yesterday I was reading a NYT Magazine story about the importance of bagels to the Jewish community. The story was about a person who left NYC to live in San Francisco. He started a bakery just to supply bagels to his community. Basically, he was saying that "comfort food" was almost as important as a group gathering at a synagogue. Your article shows that most "subcultures" have a memory of family gatherings for special occasions/. These occasions seem to center around the dinning table. I am a food broker and recently added a barbecue sauce brand, Hungry Hillbilly. We have a dozen or so other "fixens". I believe these products will always be in demand because of the basic human trait, need for comfort food. In the future I would like to add your story to my food blog. We are just getting our web site completed:

Ward Riggins more than 2 years ago

comfort food, Karen Dill

I just found this article, 5 years after it was posted. I throughly enjoyed reading the history of Karen's family, especially on a day when I am feeling nostalgic about my native state, Tn. Today I am going to make the buttermilk cornbread and old fashioned cabbage and cheese in honor of my childhood favorite. Thanks for a fun read and bringing back happy memories.

Bj Sullivan more than 2 years ago

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