Pointing the way

Bent trees guided Cherokee over ancient trails



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bent trail tree with lashing marks

I know of at least 3-5 large old bent trees on my land. One even has strap marks still visible in the bark

Randy 223 days ago

Bent Trees

One thing that may give this a little more provenance is the fact that we see these bent formations in very large Birch Trees very close to other Birch Trees that still have ancient carving in them. (Not Sally loves Rob), but very old Sunshine and other figurative carvings in the tree trunks in NW Ga.

Gordon 182 days ago

I have/had (lost one due to tornado) 2 trees that appear to have bent branches. They are red oaks so they fit the profile. Any suggestions?

I have/had a couple trees with bent branches. (Lost one due to tornado) they are red oaks which fit the profile and I'm guessing they are close to 100+ years old. Any suggestions?

Shaun Hampton 308 days ago

Cherokee trees

I have a tree that points dead north. Is this common?

Chris Alvey more than 1 year ago

Indian marker trees

I have 2 of those Indian marker trees behind my house.

jeanine satel more than 1 year ago