Pointing the way

Bent trees guided Cherokee over ancient trails



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bent trail tree with lashing marks

I know of at least 3-5 large old bent trees on my land. One even has strap marks still visible in the bark

Randy 43 days ago

I have/had (lost one due to tornado) 2 trees that appear to have bent branches. They are red oaks so they fit the profile. Any suggestions?

I have/had a couple trees with bent branches. (Lost one due to tornado) they are red oaks which fit the profile and I'm guessing they are close to 100+ years old. Any suggestions?

Shaun Hampton 128 days ago

Cherokee trees

I have a tree that points dead north. Is this common?

Chris Alvey 271 days ago

Indian marker trees

I have 2 of those Indian marker trees behind my house.

jeanine satel more than 1 year ago

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