Blue Ridge Parkway

Works range from functional to decorative emphasizing the discipline of finesse with fire of a forge. more



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Located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this vibrant city is a scenic spot to explore alone. more


The only North Carolina State Park still closed in the western region is Grandfather Mountain. more


Photo Essay, August 2018

Carla Passmore


Park Service fears slides, damage from remnants of Hurricane Florence. more


The event demonstrates the rigors and talent that goes into woodworking and serves the mission of the Southern Highland Craft Guild in preserving a longtime culture and heritage. more


Memorial Day Weekend signals the beginning of the summer visitor season on the Blue Ridge Parkway. more


Viaduct closed in March for a comprehensive road maintenance project. more


Southern Highland Craft Guild's makers forging ahead at third-annual Glass & Metal day. more



National Park Service

The Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park top lists for popularity, according to the National Park System. more


Iconic Parkway bridge needs maintenance, repaving. more


It was 20 degrees, snowing, and I was alone with my dog in a trackless middle of nowhere. I couldn’t have been happier. more

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Going gets rough


It’s not uncommon to find church, or at least sanctuary, in the mountains. On a Sunday morning hike early last spring, I also came face to face—or foot to slippery rock, in this case—with a trail of metaphors for new parenthood. more


Arti in the woods

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It was late summer in the Smokies, and high-country greenery flourished. With each step I took down the trail, leaves and grass absorbed more and more of the traffic noise from the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. more

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Like a hawk

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Each September, the skies over Southern Appalachia set the stage for one of nature’s most beautiful and spectacular dances—the migration of the raptors. more

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Blue Ridge Parkway in the snow

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When I moved to North Carolina, I’d brought my cross-country skis with me, but I’d been skeptical they’d get any use so far south. As each snowflake fell, those narrow strips of fiberglass seemed more and more unfit to stay in the closet. more

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Cradle of Forestry

Margaret Hester photo

Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls mark the winding roadway through the Pisgah National Forest to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Perhaps lesser known, the Cradle of Forestry is a unique 6,500-acre Historical Site. more


Hikers along the Blue Ridge Parkway have three new trails to explore this spring, thanks to a partnership among volunteers, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and environmental groups. more

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    Harold Blackwood