Blue Ridge Parkway

Southern Highland Craft Guild's makers forging ahead at third-annual Glass & Metal day. more



National Park Service

The Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park top lists for popularity, according to the National Park System. more


Iconic Parkway bridge needs maintenance, repaving. more


It was 20 degrees, snowing, and I was alone with my dog in a trackless middle of nowhere. I couldn’t have been happier. more

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Going gets rough


It’s not uncommon to find church, or at least sanctuary, in the mountains. On a Sunday morning hike early last spring, I also came face to face—or foot to slippery rock, in this case—with a trail of metaphors for new parenthood. more


Arti in the woods

Holly Kays photo

It was late summer in the Smokies, and high-country greenery flourished. With each step I took down the trail, leaves and grass absorbed more and more of the traffic noise from the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. more

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Like a hawk

Manjith Kainickara photo

Each September, the skies over Southern Appalachia set the stage for one of nature’s most beautiful and spectacular dances—the migration of the raptors. more

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Blue Ridge Parkway in the snow

Micah McClure photo

When I moved to North Carolina, I’d brought my cross-country skis with me, but I’d been skeptical they’d get any use so far south. As each snowflake fell, those narrow strips of fiberglass seemed more and more unfit to stay in the closet. more

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Cradle of Forestry

Margaret Hester photo

Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls mark the winding roadway through the Pisgah National Forest to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Perhaps lesser known, the Cradle of Forestry is a unique 6,500-acre Historical Site. more


Hikers along the Blue Ridge Parkway have three new trails to explore this spring, thanks to a partnership among volunteers, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and environmental groups. more

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Waterrock Knob

Andrew Kasper photo

Long after the autumn tourists are gone and only the burliest of leaves are still clinging to the trees, lookouts and trails stemming off the Blue Ridge Parkway become a haven for the hearty traveler. more

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Blue Ridge Parkway on two wheels


It’s not easy to find a good time machine. My grandparents’ house was one. No matter what the year was outside, when I walked through the front door it was the 1930s inside. more


George Ivey, the author of the novel Up River, will quickly tell you that the Blue Ridge Parkway has been a part of his life and an inspiration to him since childhood. He grew up only two miles from the Parkway and trained as a cyclist there. more

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Wiseman’s View

C.E. Westveer photo

Welcome to Smoky Mountain Living’s 75th anniversary issue on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We’re proud to bring you this special, keepsake issue packed with historic photos and fascinating interviews celebrating America’s Favorite Scenic Highway. more


Richland Balsam

Michael Meissner illustration

The Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina leads to many gems, but I mostly know it for guiding me to Richland Balsam, my favorite mountain. It looms over a pullout that marks the highest point on the entire Parkway. more

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Devil's Courthouse

Vicki Dameron photo

Official Blue Ridge Parkway literature will tell you that more than 100 trails are part of the official trail system. Part of the allure of the Parkway, though, is that many of those trails link up with other trail systems. more

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Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center

Jeff Greenberg photo

It’s the most visited national park unit in the U.S. with more than 17 million annual visitors riding along the 469-mile ribbon of roadway that snakes through Virginia and North Carolina. It’s also one of the most loved. more

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Craggy Tunnel

Courtesy of Blue Ridge Parkway archives

The Blue Ridge Parkway means many things to many people. It’s a place where memories are made. Here, our readers share their own personal accounts of favorite Parkway memories. more

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Sherrill Cove Tunnel

Courtesy of Lou Harshaw of The Asheville Chamber of Commerce

When the natural contour drops too steeply or turns too sharply, tunnels, like bridges, avoid jarring curves that would otherwise occur. more


McLeods at sunset

Scott McLeod photo

The Blue Ridge Parkway may be made for the automobile, but the unbelievable scenery always makes me want to get outside to touch, smell and see things up close. The best way to do that is to load up the backpack or the car and go camping. more

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