Bob Terrell

It is a place of dreams, where Hall of Fame hitters launched home runs, where stock cars once raced around concrete curves, where football fans once cheered a fleet-footed running back named “Choo Choo.” more


In high school, some called Tommy Burleson of Newland, N.C. “the Newland Needle” because of his skinny, 7-foot, 2-inch frame. In college, they called him an All-American, an Olympian, and a national champion. more


Choo Choo power

Photo courtesy of University of North Carolina archives

Never before and never since has Asheville, nor indeed the state of North Carolina, seen a high school football team like the 1942 Asheville High Maroons. more


The days are few and far between when you can find a real mountaineer who’ll tell you that the fellow you’re looking for lives “a whoop and a holler away.” more


On a warm spring evening in April 1983, the stage production of “Showboat” starring Donald O’Connor opened on Broadway in the glitter and glow of the Gershwin Theater. In the cast was an Asheville-area woman, Joanna Beck. more

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