Two hundred years ago, early explorers of the Southern Appalachians pondered the piles of stone they encountered at “all the gaps in the mountains.” While most of those cairns have disappeared, they remain a mystery. more

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When the total eclipse descends on Cherokee, North Carolina, this August, a tradition reaching back thousands of years will live on. more

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Oconaluftee Indian Village

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For many of us, fragments of images or threadbare associations are exactly how we create memory. Even brain research tells us that we learn by forming connections to what we already know. more

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When I was 4 years old I saw a cobra edging out from behind a wooden strawberry barrel in our garden. Naturally I was certain of what I had seen, despite the fact that I was not even on the same continent as any known, free roaming, cobra. more

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“Your background is all you have; it starts you off.”

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Fifty years ago, when she was fifty, Ola Belle Reed looked back to tell the story of her life. For months we had been recording her songs. Now it was time for her life. more


Influence not bound by gender

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In 2009, seven years after the death of Ola Belle Reed, Maryland state folklorist Clifford Murphy set out to unearth how her mountain music was playing out in the small towns where her music had flourished. more


Haunted by legacy

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Walking dirt and gravel paths, I came upon mist hanging over fields and graveyards, obscuring the cupolas of Victorian houses that had stood on the same wood foundations since the 1800s. more

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The Saw Hog

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“When I sent the book out the first time, a publisher promptly returned it with the comment, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’,” Storyteller Gary Carden said. “Eventually, I put in on the shelf." more

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