Gary Carden

The Saw Hog

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“When I sent the book out the first time, a publisher promptly returned it with the comment, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’,” Storyteller Gary Carden said. “Eventually, I put in on the shelf." more

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Back in the 60’s when I began teaching in Georgia, I went through a period of misgivings about leaving my grandmother on the front porch of her old house in Rhodes Cove. After all, she had raised me, and I was repaying her by leaving her. more

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Lonely children often take refuge in their imagination. Without playmates or distractions they may create imaginary friends and convene parliaments of comic book heroes to discuss tactics designed to cleanse the world of evil. more

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Farmhouse cat

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The first time I became aware of what it meant to be “outside looking in,” I was nine years old. It was a cold, snowy day in December and my cat, Bobbie was asleep in front of the fireplace. I was reading my favorite “funny book” about Sub-mariner. more

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Blow the Tannery Whistle

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When I was a child growing up in western North Carolina, I awoke each morning to the mournful wail of our tannery whistle. It was a long WOOOOOOOOO that lingered in the coves and hollers of Jackson County for several moments. more

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Sometime before the end of the Civil War, when “Father Abraham” had abolished slavery, thousands of African Americans found themselves facing an uncertain future. They were called “freedmen,” but how would they live? more

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Robert Conley

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At this stage in his life, Robert Conley, the newly appointed Professor of Cherokee Studies for Western Carolina University, doesn’t worry too much about offending readers. In fact, he probably relishes the prospect. more

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About 10 years ago, an Eric Legge painting showed up at the Main Street Gallery in Clayton, Ga. It was a simple vase of flowers, which seemed to radiate solar warmth. more

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Literature has quite a collection of menacing women. Medea turned love into merciless rage when she was betrayed by her husband. Lady Macbeth fueled her husband’s ambition to become king and readily plotted murder for anyone who got in their way. more

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