Bristol sings a new tune

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Bristol is complex and effervescent, from the roar of NASCAR at Bristol Motor Speedway—the world’s eighth largest sports venue—to vivacious State Street, the downtown boulevard that anchors a resurgent arts and entertainment community. more


For many, the ultimate reason to go to Bristol is to visit the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway. Opened in 1960, the NASCAR short track sits in a coliseum that vastly compounds the sound and feel of a race on a primal level. more


#3 in the lead

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By the age of ten, the boy had learned to drive and was delivering cars around Atlanta for his father’s paint and body shop. The tips he stuffed in his pocket—sometimes as much as a whole dollar—added up to good money in 1941, but he fancied more. more

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Checkered flag

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The Appalachian State University Library Stock Car Racing Collection is preserving racing history for future generations by building a comprehensive repository of stock car racing materials. more


“What are ye driving?” The old man in the hospital bed squinted up at him through parchment lids, his dry lips barely moving as he rasped out that crucial question—always the first one asked by anyone in the family. Always. more

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