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Photo Essay, August 2018

Carla Passmore



Kent Rowell

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Photo Essay, February 2018

Diane Schmidt


Photo essay, December 2017

Michael L. Britton


Cades Cove butterfly

Photo by Mark Roberts, Mark J Roberts Photography

Seven photographers bring us the sights of spring in the mountains. more

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December 2016 Photo Essay

Jon and Regina Phillips photo

’Tis the season for clean slates—from the pristine beauty of a fresh snowfall to the eternal promise of a new year. Our readers share their views of winter resolve. more


Starry night

Mark Roberts

Few things endure quite like the memories made on an endless summer day in the mountains. Our readers share their views of those special moments. more


Near Gatlinburg

Mary Meiners

Southern Appalachia sparkles with hidden treasure. Our readers share their views of secret spots and rare discoveries. more


Cataloochee Valley

Cheryl Allagood

The petulant weather of late Winter brings with it the promise of gentler days ahead. Here, our readers share some of their fondest memories from warmer days. more


Chimneys Picnic Area

Gary Pinholster

’Tis the season for reflection and resolve. Our readers share their favorite winter scenes from around Southern Appalachia. more



John Northrup photo

Autumn lights up Southern Appalachia in a burst of color and activity. Our readers share their favorite scenes of this showstopping season. more


High heels

Ashley T. Evans photo

Mountain heritage stays alive in the hands of those who preserve Appalachian arts, crafts, and traditions. Our readers share their images of old skills experiencing new life. more


Harvesting Beauty

Ken Abbott photo

In 2004, photographer Ken Abbott signed up to chaperone his daughter’s preschool field trip to Hickory Nut Gap Farm in Fairview, North Carolina. Little did Abbott know how deeply the fifth-generation family farm would get under his skin. more


Winning viewpoints: ​Out of more than 1,000 photographs, a panel of judges chose 42 images as finalists in the 12th annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition, a selection of which we are proud to feature in these pages. more


Spring Cleaning

Jo Harris

The hills are alive with the sounds and sights of spring. Our readers share their views of nature’s renewal. more


Tell it on the mountain

Sherry Shook photo

What does it mean to be alive—is it simply to exist or persist or is it to thrive? Our readers share their views of the things that survive. more


As the light changes in the fall and the landscape takes on a golden hue, the mountains burn with umber colors in a photographer’s view. Here, our readers share their captured images with you. more

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This edition of Smoky Mountain Living looks to the landscape for inspiration. Here our readers share what they have seen among the streams and trees and peaks. more


Wilma Maples of Loudon County, Tenn.

Submitted by Holly Scott, Photo by Jack Williams

Smoky Mountain Living’s readers shared their stories and images of mountain woman including family and friends—strong and independent women who were born in the Southern Appalachians or grew to love the mountains as their home. more