Cade's Cove, Tenn.

To say Cades Cove: A Personal History gives a unique testimonial of early 20th-century life in the Smokies is more than hearsay. Consider the evidence: The late Judge William Wayne Oliver wrote the book, based on his childhood in the cove. more

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A tunnel of foliage hugs the roadway as it winds its way up to Cades Cove, the most visited spot in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Often described as an open-air museum, Cades Cove is 1,800 acres of wide-open space. more

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Relics of the past

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We present the Smokies as an enclave of rough pioneers who were so remote they had no other options, but by the time the first logs were being cut for cabins in Cades Cove, Knoxville had already hosted a state capital and a fledgling university. more

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