Oak Ridge, Tenn.

The public is invited to attend to hear a two-hour master class, which begins at 5:30 p.m. more


Atomic City

Photo by James E. Westcott, Official US Army Photographer for the Manhattan Project. American Museum of Science and Energy,

In The Atomic City Girls, novelist Janet Beard takes her readers to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and the birth of the nuclear world. more

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In K25

American Museum of Science and Energy photo

In 1942, the Hendrix family farm was among the 59,000 acres the government purchased to rapidly construct the “Secret City” of Oak Ridge. The massive, top-secret undertaking displaced the roughly 1,000 rural families who lived in Bear Creek Valley. more


Jackson Square was the town center of Oak Ridge, Tenn. During the Manhattan Project, workers lined up for their paychecks, went to the movies, and shopped. more

Sweet Appalachia

Hundreds of young American women poured onto trains heading South, all uninformed about their destination. It was 1943, and the women were united by one thought: their work in the civil service would “bring a speedy and victorious end to the war.” more

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  • Housing war effort workers

    Sarah E. Kucharski photo

    Housing war effort workers

    As the operations grew at the Manhattan Project site in Oak Ridge, Tenn., the community also grew, and more houses were needed to accommodate workers and their families. The Tennessee Valley Authority made available drawings of one-story single family prefabricated units that were used for families who moved in to help construct Fontana Dam. These units, called Flat Tops, were transported in 8-foot by 24-foot sections and assembled on site. One of Oak Ridge’s original Flat Top houses is on display at the American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge.