Western Carolina University

Ron Rash

WCU photo

​Western North Carolina author Ron Rash lights up as much talking about his two novels making their film debuts this winter as he does describing the trout stream that runs through campus at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee. more


Outdoor adventure programs

Photo courtesy of ASU Outdoor Programs

Though a common offering at universities today, the integration of adventure and academia was a novel consideration in the early 1970s, when introduced at ASU, but the program’s roots reach back even farther to the late nineteenth century. more


Mountain Biking

Donated photo

Outdoors enthusiasts and diehard mountain bikers soon will be taking to a new trail accessible by foot, or bike, from the Western Carolina University campus in Cullowhee, N.C. more

Mountain Explorer

Sylva is Jackson County’s retail and professional center where day-to-day services meet unique history. The town’s development rose with the construction of the Western North Carolina Railroad in the 1880s. more


Watty Chiltoskie

Photo by Edward DuPuy, courtesy of Southern Highlands Craft Guild and WCU Hunter Library

Individuals with an interest in the region’s past can now search two new online archives devoted to Cherokee culture and the evolution of travel in Western North Carolina courtesy of Western Carolina University’s Hunter Library. more


White squirrel

Don Weiser photo

A rare sighting of a white squirrel at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, N.C. has workers there abuzz. The squirrel has been spotted a number of times, and is clearly not albino because it doesn’t have pink eyes. more

Mountain Explorer

Robert Conley

Mark Haskett photo

At this stage in his life, Robert Conley, the newly appointed Professor of Cherokee Studies for Western Carolina University, doesn’t worry too much about offending readers. In fact, he probably relishes the prospect. more

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