Oconaluftee Indian Village

Margaret Hester photo

For many of us, fragments of images or threadbare associations are exactly how we create memory. Even brain research tells us that we learn by forming connections to what we already know. more

Sweet Appalachia

Building the basics

Becky Johnson photo

When Samantha Crowe-Hernandez packs her three young children into the car for a Sunday afternoon visit with their great- grandparents, she’s bearing a special gift—a living testament to the Cherokee people’s resilience. more


Some I didn’t know. “Si-goggle” means crooked or out of line. But Mountain Talk is more history than dictionary; it is more interested in the evolution of the Southern Appalachian dialect than in gassing us with a bunch of funny words. more


The days are few and far between when you can find a real mountaineer who’ll tell you that the fellow you’re looking for lives “a whoop and a holler away.” more