What is Smoky Mountain Living?

Smoky Mountain Living is a magazine covering the southern Appalachians and celebrates the area’s environmental riches, its people, culture, music, arts, history, and special places. Each issue brings the Appalachians to life. Published six times each year, SML is a magazine for those who want to learn more about where they live and those who want to stay in touch with where they love.

Why do you say that you cover the Southern Appalachians when the name of the magazine is Smoky Mountain Living?

The Great Smoky Mountains are a subrange of the Appalachian Mountains. In the early 1900s, American geologist, geographer, and teacher, Nevin M. Fenneman developed the physiographic system of classifying the nation’s geography into eight regions, twenty-five provinces, and eighty-five sections. Regions are broad-scale subdivisions based on terrain texture, rock type, and geologic structure and history. The Smokies are part of the Blue Ridge physiographic province, which is part of the Appalachian Highlands physiographic region. While the magazine is called Smoky Mountain Living, the very nature of living in the Smokies means being part of the Blue Ridge and part of the Appalachians.

How much does a subscription cost?

A one-year (six issue) subscription costs $25, a two-year subscription is $43, and a three-year subscription is $60. Our three-year subscription provides the most savings at $3.33 per issue, which is 44 percent off the cover price. To subscribe and purchase back issues, click here.

I subscribed—how long until I receive my first issue?

Smoky Mountain Living is now published six times a year. Previously, subscribers had the option to receive a copy of the issue out on stands at the time their subscription order was placed. However, with less wait time between issues, our policy now is that subscriptions will begin with the first issue released after a subscription order is placed.

May I order a gift subscription?

Smoky Mountain Living makes a wonderful gift for family members, friends, and business contacts. Smoky Mountain Living may be sent in honor of a special occasion, as a thank you, or for no reason at all other than a wish to share your love for the mountains. Our subscribers live around the world, and a gift subscription is the perfect choice for those who find themselves away from the mountains. To order a subscription for yourself or someone else, click here.

Where is Smoky Mountain Living based?

Our office is in downtown Waynesville, North Carolina. Historically, the town is known as the Gateway to the Smokies, a moniker that we take to heart. Smoky Mountain Living is your very own gateway to the Smokies.

How can I become a writer or photographer for Smoky Mountain Living?

Writers for Smoky Mountain Living typically are those who are living within the Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, North Georgia, or Southwestern Virginia region. The magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Photographers may submit their images from the region for consideration as part of the photo essay or the cover of the magazine. For more information, click here.

Is it Smoky or Smokey?

The most common spelling for the mountain range is Smoky, though the region often is called the Smokies as well. Smokey does not apply to the mountains as much as it applies to the wildfire-fighting bear.