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    Vidalia Onion Casserole

    While you can substitute other sweet onions in this recipe, none quite match the rightly heralded Vidalia strain. Read more

    Feb 1, 2023


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    In Praise of the Humble Onion

    Onions make regular appearances in a wide variety of dishes such as soups, stews, and casseroles. Yet I would argue that this humble though popular vegetable deserves wider recognition as a mainstay of high country food. Read more

    Dec 1, 2022


  • Versatile and delicious pumpkins

    Versatile and delicious pumpkins

    Pumpkins were spreading their far-reaching vines, broad leaves, and curly little pigtail tendrils across the high-country landscape long before the first European settler girdled trees or grubbed roots to clear a patch to plant. Read more

    Oct 1, 2022


  • Healing Plants of The Smokies

    Healing Plants of The Smokies

    Herbs, flowers, saps and roots have captivated me for almost a decade. After experiencing the power and healing properties of dried herbs and essential oils, I became a true believer in nature’s ability to support the health of the human body. Read more

    Aug 1, 2022


  • The Delights of Vegetable Mixes

    The Delights of Vegetable Mixes

    Late summer, with the high country edging into the often stifling heat and humidity of Dog Days, finds mountain gardens at their peak of productivity. Read more

    Aug 1, 2022


  • Eat Taters

    Eat Taters

    As a lad growing up in the heart of the Smokies, I took just as much joy in spring as did the adults. It was a time of trout fishing, food such as branch lettuce, ramps from nature’s sprawling garden, and the annual ritual of putting in a garden. Read more

    Jun 1, 2022


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    Gifts from the Gardening Gods

    Every gardener, whether of the minimalist pots and raised beds on the patio clan or of the full-blown frustrated farmer of the half-acre patch persuasion, knows that their labor produces distinctive rewards that satisfy, in terms of tastiness. Read more

    Apr 1, 2022


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    Traditional Mountain Drinks

    In its widest sense, writing about food means embracing liquid nourishment and celebratory drinks. So, let’s celebrate traditional mountain beverages meant to warm the inner man, lift the spirits, and in some cases, “lighten one’s load.” Read more

    Feb 1, 2022


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