Susanna Shetley

A Christmas tree has always been the cornerstone of my holiday experience. My family had a tradition of purchasing our tree from the local Optimist Club who set up a camper in the parking lot of Bi-Lo. Read more


'We're All Ghosts'

Jason Sheppard photo

Gravestones have lured visitors for centuries, beckoning them through stone passes or iron fences. Whether it’s a longing to connect with the past or a desire to explore one’s own mortality, people are fascinated with eternal resting places. Read more


Palate, Nose and Soul

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For eons, spices and teas have offered flavor and solace to the human experience. Whether for medicinal, celebratory or culinary reasons, these simple yet complex pleasures connect people with nature and to one another. Read more


Henderson County, North Carolina

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Widely known for its abundance of apples and as the final home of American poet and writer Carl Sandburg, this popular destination spot offers not only history and agriculture but also an array of culinary, musical and leisure experiences. Read more

Young Riders

Photo courtesy of Kate Rudd

Snowboarders under age 17 make up 34.3 percent of modern slope riders, according to winter sports authorities. To support this trend, slopes have developed classes, programs and events for child and youth boarders. Read more


Author and herbalist Maia Toll suggested we meet at Dobra Tea on Lexington Avenue in downtown Asheville. As I stepped inside, my frantic disposition eased in response to the delicious smell of leaves and the quiet ambiance that embodies such a place. Read more


Bumble bee on wingstem

Phyllis Stiles

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, bee stings were a regular occurrence. Once stung, you knew the power of the bee, but for most of us, the pain and tears from a sting were a part of childhood. Read more


When folks think of the Smoky Mountains, visions of glorious mountain peaks tucked in low-hanging clouds emerge. But when romance is out of the question and it’s time for family fun, the valleys of Tennessee offer their own exciting destinations. Read more


We love coffee

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In today’s world, fresh roasted coffee beans are all the rage, and folks are using French presses and pour-over methods to create the perfect beverage. Read more


Truffles in the Smokies

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In 1979, Franklin and Betty Garland pioneered truffle growing in North America, leading to the first commercially-grown truffles in the United States in 1992. Since then, they have shared their expertise with chefs, farmers and researchers. Read more


Tucked away in the mountainous woods of beautiful Jackson County, North Carolina, sits an old landfill, a burial ground for bottles, cartons and phonebooks. Read more


Savor the sweetness of the season with this delicious holiday log roll. Read more


The Northeast Georgia Arts Tour is a popular year-round activity, but it's especially fun to visit this talented region during the holiday season. Read more


It's that time of year when Biltmore Estate transforms into an enchanting, candlelit escape. More than 100 Christmas trees will adorn the 250-room home, including a 35-foot-tall Fraser fir. Visit to see the lights and enjoy the holidays at Biltmore. Read more


If there's ever a time to visit the Smoky Mountains, it's during the fall. Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows and even hues of purple delight the eyes of visitors and locals alike. Take a trip to the mountains and enjoy this one-of-kind foliage. Read more


For many folks, fall in the Smokies means apples. Whether you're sipping warm cider, making homemade pie or frolicking about in an orchard, there's something about an apple that signifies the dawn of autumn. Read more


Beyond the marionette

Jim Kransberger photo

Down a dusty dirt road just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of North Carolina sits an unassuming workshop made of plain wood and nails. Birds chirp and leaves blow in the wind, offering an inviting melody for what awaits inside. Read more

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