• 'Connecting Legacies'

    ‘Connecting Legacies’

    From 1933-1957, Black Mountain College was formed and thrived within the context of its seemingly unconventional methods and ways, only to simply disappear into the fond memories of those who passed through the magical space. Read more

    Jun 1, 2021


  • Acoustic Syndicate

    David Simchock photo

    Strike Not Our Brother Down

    In the pantheon of legendary jam-grass acts, a handful of pioneering bands broke new ground in the 1980s and 1990s by creating a sonic landscape that was a harmonious blend of bluegrass, folk, jazz and acoustic rock sensibilities. Read more

    Apr 1, 2021


  • The Art of Sitting and Listening

    The Art of Sitting and Listening

    In a seismic move that will further propel the Asheville and greater Western North Carolina music scene into the national spotlight, Citizen Vinyl officially opened its doors to the public this past October. Read more

    Feb 1, 2021


  • Making Music

    Making Music

    At the crossroads of the mighty Ohio River and the fast-paced Interstate 70 is the small city of Wheeling, West Virginia. With Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the East and Columbus, Ohio, to the West, it is the front door to the Heartland. Read more

    Feb 1, 2021


  • dept_justinwells1.jpg

    When the walls fall down

    Sitting in a booth upstairs at The Water’n Hole Bar & Grill on North Main Street in Waynesville, North Carolina, one recent evening, Justin Wells takes two sips: one from his beer and one from his shot of bourbon. Read more

    Dec 1, 2020


  • handmade.jpg

    Handmade for the Holidays

    Imagine a special place in North Georgia where you can explore, shop, ponder, perform, learn, listen, create, sing, dance, cook, eat, play, walk and enjoy. That place is the Sautee Nacoochee Center, which has activities for people of all ages. Read more

    Dec 1, 2020


  • Utterly American

    Utterly American

    For documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, the stories he chooses to illuminate help explain the history of America. Few can better tell that multifaceted tale than Burns, whose palette birthed the seminal documentary The Civil War in 1990. Read more

    Aug 1, 2019


  • dept_music.jpg

    Photos by Emma Delevante

    Let it Take Me Where it Wants to Let Me Go

    Coming into 2020, Kelsey Waldon held her head high, ready to show the world what Southern Appalachia and the greater Southeast already knows—Waldon is a singer-songwriter and vocal talent to be reckoned with. Read more

    Aug 1, 2020


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