A Musical Journey for a Banjo Champ

Gary 'Biscuit' Davis



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Blessed Artist

A man a grace & many blessings. Good Lord knew what He was doing when he put Gary in the world of entertaining. When you're in the holler & hear banjos playing.....pray it's Biscuits strings twanging, lol ! Bluegrass & my music runs deep in our family also, from my mom & cousins, we're proud & honored to enjoy the tunes of Gary Biscuit Davis! If he's in your area, ya' better make sure you don't miss him ! Keep on pick'u. buddy!

Patricia Davis Colbaugh 207 days ago

Thank you, "Biscuit"

On October 19, 2023 my family and I were in Pigeon Forge to celebrate my 80th birthday. "Biscuit" treated my family and I like royalty singing the Happy Birthday song to and then letting our 11 year old granddaughters sing it with him. What a treat for all of us. May our Lord and Savior continue to bless you.

Henry Holloman (Honey) 212 days ago

Gary "Biscuit"

I knew he had talent but didnt know of such great accomplishments! Great article and congratulations Biscuit!!

Donna 315 days ago

Alpine Crest

I went to Alpine Crest with Gary in elementary school. He was an amazing player then. Great article

Jan Porter 318 days ago