Jackson County, N.C.

Tucked away in the mountainous woods of beautiful Jackson County, North Carolina, sits an old landfill, a burial ground for bottles, cartons and phonebooks. more

Mountain Explorer

Josh Stephens

Photo courtesy of the WNC Fly Fishing Trail

Expert angler and Sylva, N.C., native Josh Stephens earned a silver medal in team competition during the 2012 National Fly Fishing Championship in Bend, Oregon. more


Sylva is Jackson County’s retail and professional center where day-to-day services meet unique history. The town’s development rose with the construction of the Western North Carolina Railroad in the 1880s. more


Blow the Tannery Whistle

Michael Meissner illustration

When I was a child growing up in western North Carolina, I awoke each morning to the mournful wail of our tannery whistle. It was a long WOOOOOOOOO that lingered in the coves and hollers of Jackson County for several moments. more

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