West Asheville, N.C.

Home Cooking

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You never know what you might encounter on Haywood Road in anything-goes West Asheville. Unless it’s a weekend morning—in which case it’s a given that a line will have formed out the door and along the side of Biscuit Head. more

Sweet Appalachia

When minted in 1913 the Buffalo nickel had been commissioned as part of an effort to aesthetically improve American coinage but drew protest for its inability to strike true within the mechanisms of coin-operated machines. more

Sweet Appalachia

Short Street Cakes

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What used to be known as “Worst Asheville” now attracts young people who are fixing up neglected Craftsman-style cottages and bungalows, having chosen smaller floorplans with personality and a yard in a walkable community over sprawling houses. more


Rocky's Hot Chicken

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The demand for Rocky Lindsley’s poultry and its peerless lip-singe nearly drove the chicken master out of business. Rocky’s first opened in 2009, but shuttered the shack in 2010 to avoid burnout. As a one-man operation, Rocky just couldn’t keep up. more

Sweet Appalachia

The West Asheville community has welcomed Pizzeria Ritrovo, a spin off of Nona Mia —a tiny yet tasty Italian-American soul food establishment—to the culinary scene. The two restaurants will be consolidating their menus into the new Pizzeria Ritrovo. more

Sweet Appalachia