Gatlinburg, Tenn.

I grew up in the hills of Northwest Georgia, but from an early age my heart was in the Great Smoky Mountains. I pressed my nose against the glass of the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in downtown Gatlinburg before I could read. more

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Gatlinburg Gratitude

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A devastating fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on Nov. 28, 2016, claimed 14 lives, injured almost 200 and damaged or destroyed close to 2,500 homes, businesses and other structures. A year later, victims look back with gratitude and forward with hope. more

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Blueberries are a Smoky Mountain treat. Bursting with flavor, their yearly arrival sets off excitement as locals and tourist rush to pick them, or to buy a carton or two at area farmers markets. more

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The downtown, arts and crafts community, and many other places, suffered no damage from the 2016 forest fires. more


Perfect storm

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A confluence of events that came together in the Southern Appalachians in the fall of 2016, which precipitated this unprecedented fire season: Decades of fuel buildup, drought, warm temperatures, low humidity, wind and then ignition. more


The true impact of the fires won't be known for decades but you will see them while you are in the woods this summer. Get answers with our Q&A from Smoky Mountain News. more


The slogan “Smokies Strong” rose up from the ashes of the 2016 forest fires. Donations flooded in from Gatlinburg’s countless fans across the world. But the best way to help is to visit. more


Gatlinburg Fire Aftermath

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Michael Luciano and Anthony Fulton found the fire while riding their ATVS just a few hundred yards from their home in Gatlinburg, Tenn. more

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Motivation tends to drop with the temperatures for most, and as winter wears on hibernation can seem more appealing than exploration. However, getting that rush is simpler than venturing into the woods 365 days out of the year. more

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When artist and photographer Louis E. Jones arrived in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in the 1920s, he became the first artist to reside permanently in the remote mountain village and earn a living from his craft. more

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The Family Plot

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A few miles east of Gatlinburg, a right turn off the main road leads directly into the solitude and beauty of Greenbrier Cove. The road is rough and narrow, its edge precariously close to the river, which tumbles over and around huge boulders. more

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Be careful what you wish for. In the early 1980s, Andrea Ludden simply wanted a pepper mill that carried out its stated purpose. Soon enough, a lineup of broken pepper mills decorated the windowsill of her kitchen. more

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David Willard wants to make clear, first of all, that the property on which Arrowmont stands has not been sold. In fact, Arrowmont’s regular schedule of classes and special events are proceeding as usual this spring. more

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Tangy as a crabapple, sweet to my ears

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Like the eternal haze that gave the mountains their name, music has drifted over the hills and through the coves of the Smokies for centuries. My ancestors recorded it in the thickets of their memory so it could be handed down like the family Bible. more

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One of the first lessons in beekeeping C. Marina Marchese learned is that the female, the “Queen Bee,” ruled the hive. This jives with simple wisdom found in tourist traps selling tchotckes that read “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy." more

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Open door

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Golden brooms with all manner of carved wooden handles line the walls where the sweet smell of broomcorn, the plant that makes up the straw bristles of the broom, is being cut and fashioned to fit each handmade treasure. more

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Chris King brings green living to the courier transportation market in Knoxville, Tenn., with a fleet of 100 percent hybrid or bio-fueled vehicles. King’s Green Car and Courier company offers a variety of services. more

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Gatlinburg tram

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Exploring downtown Gatlinburg is best done on foot. Shops, activities and restaurants are clustered together around several courtyards and line River Road and Parkway. Most everything is within walking distance from downtown area accommodations. more

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Aquarium of the Smokies

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Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg ranks as the fifth most visited aquarium in the world, bringing 1.5 million visitors every year face-to-face with an otherwise elusive ecosystem. more

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As you gaze out from your private, open deck upon mist-covered mountains—silent save for a bird’s reverie and the cool morning air—it’s hard to believe you’re not a million miles away. more

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