Gatlinburg, Tenn.

The slide blocked both northbound lanes of the spur between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. Read more


Gatlinburg’s Wiley Oakley was a self-described “Roamin’ Man.” He used the sobriquet in the titles of quaint books he wrote and published, along with his gifts in self-promotion, as a way to describe his passion for roving amidst steep ridges. Read more


“When it comes to the best places in the nation to see fall foliage, we'd be remiss not to mention a town in the Smoky Mountains." Read more


'We're All Ghosts'

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Gravestones have lured visitors for centuries, beckoning them through stone passes or iron fences. Whether it’s a longing to connect with the past or a desire to explore one’s own mortality, people are fascinated with eternal resting places. Read more


Lodging and meals are provided at The Buckhorn, East Tennessee’s classic country inn, which features stunning views of Mt. Le Conte. Read more


The SkyBridge stretches 680 feet across a deep valley. Read more

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Story detailed events before, during and after the deadly Chimney Tops 2 fire. Read more

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Beech Mountain Resort

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Bitter cold ushered in by snow storm across the region. Read more


Rooted in History

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In the remote community of Boogertown, a narrow gravel road threads its way to the end of Wilson Hollow and a farm cradled in seclusion a few miles from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Read more


Into the Mist is so named for 13 chapters of tragedy and heroic rescues made all the more chilling because the stories are real. Read more


“What’s the deal with all the pancakes?” With apologies to Jerry Seinfeld, we really don’t know, but let’s find out! Read more



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The Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park top lists for popularity, according to the National Park System. Read more


I grew up in the hills of Northwest Georgia, but from an early age my heart was in the Great Smoky Mountains. I pressed my nose against the glass of the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen in downtown Gatlinburg before I could read. Read more

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Gatlinburg Gratitude

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A devastating fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, on Nov. 28, 2016, claimed 14 lives, injured almost 200 and damaged or destroyed close to 2,500 homes, businesses and other structures. A year later, victims look back with gratitude and forward with hope. Read more



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Blueberries are a Smoky Mountain treat. Bursting with flavor, their yearly arrival sets off excitement as locals and tourist rush to pick them, or to buy a carton or two at area farmers markets. Read more


The slogan “Smokies Strong” rose up from the ashes of the 2016 forest fires. Donations flooded in from Gatlinburg’s countless fans across the world. But the best way to help is to visit. Read more


The true impact of the fires won't be known for decades but you will see them while you are in the woods this summer. Get answers with our Q&A from Smoky Mountain News. Read more


Perfect storm

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A confluence of events that came together in the Southern Appalachians in the fall of 2016, which precipitated this unprecedented fire season: Decades of fuel buildup, drought, warm temperatures, low humidity, wind and then ignition. Read more


The downtown, arts and crafts community, and many other places, suffered no damage from the 2016 forest fires. Read more

Gatlinburg Fire Aftermath

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Michael Luciano and Anthony Fulton found the fire while riding their ATVS just a few hundred yards from their home in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Read more