'The Men Won’t Tell Us Anything' exhibit

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Is this factual truth are twisted fiction

Wen I see stuff like this I can't help but think about the untold history this is the history they are willing to speak about but is it all the history is it even the truth are is this fictional based off truth back in them days it's was the black woman doing that backbreaking labor amongst other labor but because Americans have become so sensitive to the ugly truth and history has literally removed the hard ugly truth of the history folks don't know how to accept the tasteless rough facts of history I dare not say our history because my opinion an yes MY OPINION all this history that is told an taught is rewritten fictional are twisted facts of history and the ugly,bad, and evil facts are not in non of the history like the big old luxury manor homes are actually slave owners homes built on the BACKS of sweat,blood,tears and death of Blacks,Brown DARK SKIN HUMAN BEING BY FORCE STOLEN from there land homes island hell jungle how ever you want to put it forced here only to have there HISTORY OR TRUTH NOT BE TOLD ARE WRITTEN ARE TALKED ABOUT ARE FICTIONAL BASED TRUTH so the dark skeleton of Knoxville Tennessee SOUTHERN STATE stay kept an locked in Tennessee History closet all this History Tennessee speaks of is not the RAW FACTS

Katrina Wells more than 3 years ago