From the managing editor, February 2020



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Yes, splitting wood is good for you

I loved this story. I too have heated with wood, for four decades now, to varying degrees of necessity. I've loved every aspect of it - the quick work a chainsaw makes, the geometry of taking down a tree, the mindfulness of carrying, rolling each cut to the truck. I loved splitting oak (but not locust) and creating long stacks of wood ready to cure. There was something so satisfying in looking at the several cords of wood I'd put up, something akin to what farmers' wives must have felt about a pantry full of freshly preserved veggies and jams. I felt like I'd earned the heat the wood gave off that winter in the wood stove. The fireplace is still my favorite place to spend the evenings, evenings in which I get lost in the flames and coals and in thoughts of people, places, cabins and experiences long ago.

Paul Clark more than 4 years ago