Legislator seeks Dolly Parton statue

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Dolly Statue

You want to put up a statue of a big busted broad while all of our historical monuments are being ripped down! Wow!

Larry Larson more than 3 years ago

Dolly Statue

Learn a bit more about Dolly Parton.
She is deliberate with her image of being “over-made, with my boobs sticking out, my clothes too tight,” she's said. In business - and she started her own label almost when she began - Parton relates how many men thought of her as “easy prey.” The businessmen did it to their detriment. “I look like a woman,” she would say, “but I think like a man and you better pay attention or I’ll have your money and I’ll be gone.”

This is adapted and quoted from She Comes By It Naturally. She ain't as dumb as you think, but that say a lot about you.

S.A.Christy more than 3 years ago