Pisgah Inn Restaurant

A room with a view on the Blue Ridge Parkway



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Well behaved creatures of all species

I can see your reasoning regarding your pet policy, and I "get it" too,Mr. Bruce, even though I often travel with my dog (a VERY well trained /behaved POLICE K-9, for the record). I just want to say now that I think you should take it a step further and not allow any kids under the age of twelve at your lodge. Can't even say how often I've had my peace impinged upon by someone's squalling brat in your dining room, while trying to enjoy a meal I traveled two hours and payed good money for...anyhow, not a kid -hater; I blame the parents for allowing their kids to behave that way IN PUBLIC..I especially love the times they run screaming up and down the walk outside the hotel rooms at the earliest (or latest) possible hour(s)...but then that seems to be the norm these days. Still, for the record, I'd put my dog's behavior above most of those "little darlins' any day of the week...just sayin'....I DO hope you can see your way clear someday to make exceptions for Plolice K-9's and other TRAINED service dogs, if you don't already..TCH

T. C. Haynes more than 9 years ago