Shuck Beans or Leather Britches

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Shuck/Leather Britches beans

'Turkey Craw' bean, available from sources such as Sandhill Preservation, is reputed to do 4-way duty... as a fresh-eating green bean, frozen/canned, as a shuck/leather britches, or as a shelly bean. I've had them the first three ways... gonna try drying some as Leather Britches this year.

Louis Pittman more than 2 years ago

Shuck beans to me are any dried green bean. They are not the most tender cooked green bean, that’s how they got the name Leather Britches. I am sure some green beans are better dried than others….♥️

Leather Britches

Lila more than 2 years ago

Can I use beans dried on the vine?

We had green beans dry on the vine. (We were saving them for seeds). There are so many of them, I kind of wondered if we could use the beans that dried on the vines. The skins do not look appetizing, but the beans inside look good. We planted two different varieties, so some are white and some are brown. Does it make a difference? I guess what I am asking is "Can I cook and eat these shelled beans ?"

Kim more than 2 years ago

drying the beans....

my husband is from ky and remembers these...he is drying a bushel spread out in the hot sun...they turned out well a couple of years ago but he cant remember how long he left them out to dry...i seem to remember 5-7 days...can you advise us? thx bn georgia

betty u newsome more than 2 years ago

Freezing leftover Leather Britches

I cooked too many beans and want to freeze them IF it’s possible!

Ranji more than 3 years ago

Type of bean and toughness

We always use Ky White Half-Runner Beans to make Shucky beans, but some folks use Greasy beans. If they didn’t cook down tender, they may have been picked old or over-ripe. We dry the over-ripe ones for shellies instead. The difference I was taught by my Great Grandmother from this recipe is after rinsing the beans to soak them over night, pour off the water and cook with fresh water. We have them at Thanksgiving

Kathryn Felice more than 4 years ago


Sure miss them would love to buy some!!

Ruth more than 4 years ago

Schuck beans

Dr Montel of western ky university took a bunch of students to the mountains for a folklore field trip in 1972 .he told s about the wonderful shucks beans .
When we finally ate them most of the kids were unimpressed ,that’s when he said that he neglected to tell us that to really like shucks beans , there had to be a time in your past when you were hungry and all there was to eat was shucks beans

Kip Wilhelms more than 4 years ago

Shuck beans

What kind of beans are shuck beans?

Pam more than 5 years ago

Shuck beans

Does anyone have shuck beans for sale

Jim more than 6 years ago

Shuck Beans

I don't remember shuck beans having tender skins. What was the trick with the cooking or drying process that makes them not be so chewy? I think that I would dry some if I could eat them easily.

Donna Brewer more than 6 years ago

Shuck beans

I saw your question about the skins being tough. Growing up we always strung ours and air dried them, they were occasionally tough. Since I either dry them on screens in the greenhouse or dry them in a dehydrator they seem to always be tender. We always changed the water after soaking overnight then again after pare -boiling them, then added seasoning meat to finish cooking them.

Joe Stallard more than 6 years ago

Shucky beans

I evidently didn't cook my beans long enough--they were tough.

Polly J. Leatherwood more than 6 years ago