Resurrection, At A Price



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Max Patch

I lived in an old ramshackle cabin near Max Patch for over two years and would visit there frequently. That was over 20 years ago and most visits i and my dog Kayla would be the only ones there. These days WNC has become so over run with tourists, second home buyers and seekers of the almighty beer buzz I recently packed my bags and headed north. While I still retain my house in Buncombe County WNC has unfortunately lost its way and it’s soul and now just a shadow of its former self. I’m no fan of laws and rules and believe we already have far too many of them however Max Patch is a place that needs protected and I imagine soon will require a limited number day use pass with the exception of through hiker use before someone goes and sets up a micro brewery there. It baffles me how people could just leave garbage behind there or anywhere for that matter but the sad fact remains humans are just going to human

David William more than 1 year ago