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Nantahala Outdoor Center Celebrates 50 Years



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Harrison Metzger

Harrison Metzger was one of our NC Bartram Trail board members. Are you a son of this board member? If so, we may have an indirect connection. I've lost memory of when we may have been connected. I'm still on the Bartram Board, though under a new name, Blue Ridge Bartram Trail Conference.-- Dan

J. DAn Pittillo more than 1 year ago

Reply to Dan Pittillo

Hi Dan,

Oops I’m way late seeing this. Yes Earl was my dad, and I used to call you up when I was a newspaper reporter to get your annual leaf color forecast. My dad thought highly if you.m, and was good friends and a neighbor to Bob Zahner. Anyway, hope all is well with you!


Harrison Metzger 271 days ago