A Conversation With the Smokies Superintendent



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Park it forward

This program is just another government cost increase implemented to account for bad management of the moneys allocated. It is also in violation of the Park Charter for no visitor fees. Rather than looking for appropriate solutions it is once again, just take more money. Right off, they might have tried a non-US citizen visitor fee, but their first response is always go to the same well. They also spent themselves into a maintenance problem. You cant add an addition to your house without expecting more maintenance cost. Don't do the add on until you have accounted for the long term additional cost to maintain. Shortsighted is always the government scenario. Change the rules when you blow your budget is always the government scenario. This is just another example of why the government will never operate or manage anything that belongs to the people in a sustainable responsible manner. The dollars discussed in the interview are a drop in the bucket of federal waste, fraud and abuse in multitudes of programs that are not only non-self-sustaining but are political giveaways, where Peter steals to pay Paul. My comments are just shouting into the wind against an agency that doesn't solve problems, doesn't care to, but just adds to and facilitates additional government abuse and promulgation of incompetence. Truly sickening.

fred rose more than 1 year ago