A call to service

For a few mountain communities, the ultimate wartime sacrifice was their sense of place



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Great childhood memories

My parents worked at the resort from 75 - 77, a total of 18 months. My two brothers and I were in awe when we arrived. The mountains were glorious and the roads were filled with twists and turns, nothing like the flat lands we left. Paradise for a kid to grow up here. My brother and I to this day say it's the best place we lived as kids. Horseback riding, swimming, tennis, softball games in the evening. A movie theater, recreation room. A lot of other things to do. I really enjoyed meeting the visitors. After some time living here I picked up the Appalachian accent and have yet to lose it some forty plus years later. I live in Florida on the beach now and from time to time people ask me where I'm from. I tell them I picked it up when I lived at Fontana Dam Resort. The Inn was completed the first year we resided there. It was a nice addition to the cabins and lodge. A shuttle bus was provided to get you around the village which was great since the pool, marina, golf course were not located in the village. The road to the stables was REALLY steep. My brother and I hooved it up there to be able to go horseback riding. I had a teenage brother that was old enough to work at the resort so it was me and my younger brother enjoying the amenities the resort offered. There were three schools outside the resort for the children of the parents who worked there to attend. Only one offered a school bus so that is the school my siblings and I attended. Mountain View. Since I left in 77, I have been back twice to visit. I ran into some of my class mates from Mountain View on my first visit back. I cherish my childhood memories of this place. I returned in the 80's and again in the 90's. I hope to return again, although it has changed a lot since my last visit. My younger brother visited last year and shared pictures with me.

rebecca joe more than 5 years ago