A Man for the Mountain

Tim Line’s Life and Times at LeConte Lodge



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Great to see photos of Tim, Lisa and kids!

It's heartwarming to see these photos. I hiked up the mountain several times with Jim Matthews, the first llama packer for Mt. LeConte Lodge, in 1986 and 1987. Jim became my husband in 1987 and we had a son named Logan in 1989. When I first met Tim and Lisa, I owned llamas and wanted to apply for the position of llama packer. They told me, "We have a llama packer right now but here's his phone number. Perhaps you could talk to him to learn more about packing llamas." That's how I met Jim; I was trying to get his job, lol...

Terri Grovenstein (formerly Matthews) more than 1 year ago

Awesome story ~ love the behind the scenes stories. What an awesome life adventure!

Is this Me Line related to the Line family in Wears Valley whom the road Line Springs Rd is named after?

Audia more than 5 years ago

Brenda O’Keefe

I remember Tim and his wife very well. Some of the best experiences of my life were here sharing the many trips with friends from all over the country. She and bad knees ended that but memories last forever. Thank you Tim and Lisa. Happy trails 🍁

Brenda Okeefe more than 5 years ago

Very interesting story!

Congratulations on your career at Mt. LeConte. Thank you for sharing this story.

Kim Logan more than 5 years ago