Ain’t Nothing Like a Hound Dog

Bob Plott tells how his family dog became a mountain man’s best friend



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Great article!

I really enjoyed learning the history of the Plott Hound. I never heard of them before today and was happy to come across this article. They seem like a really awesome breed and I'd love to see one some day.

Heather Morgan Humma more than 2 years ago

Your Plott Hounds

I am so glad to run across your article on the Plott hounds. My great grandfather used to raise Plott hounds here in Florida in the early 1900s. I had never heard of a Plott hound and thought I had misunderstood him. In his early years he took his hounds to Brazil with author David Newell and hunted panthers on some of the big plantations there. Story was the panthers were playing havock with herds on the cattle that were there.

I enjoyed your article immensely and am proud of my great granddad for picking such great dogs to breed.

Elaine McKendree more than 8 years ago

Plott Hounds

Great article!

Jean Kelly more than 8 years ago