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Bent trees guided Cherokee over ancient trails



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I live on a 7

acre tract near Glassy Mountain off SC Hwy. 11.
It is between Gowensville and Tigerville, SC. There is a magnificent bent tree in my woods, a chestnut oak, I am told. It is old and elegant and healthy. A wonderful speimen to mark. This land appears to have been an ancient ceremonial ground due to the remnants at least one, maybe two tribal medicine wheels in close proximity to the bent trail tree. Please contact me about how best to dicument and preserve this site.

B.p. McCutchen 272 days ago

I have an Indian Trail Marker Tree in my back yard and I’m sure the tree is between 150-200 years old and I have tried to get the tree registered and I need help! I live in Winston- NC

Please call me at 336-971 3815

Mickey Reavis more than 3 years ago


I have found an amazing marker tree on my property.would like to add it to the map or collection

Deryl parker more than 3 years ago

Looking for relatives

All I have is my ancestors name. I was told it was documented before she walked the Trail of Tears. Her name was Janette Leathergood. I'm really not sure if that is the correct spelling. The only other name I was given was the last name Walker. My grandmother told me they ended up giving our ancestor the name Walker. I'm not sure if anyone else survived. I don't know where to even start looking.

Nicole Linares more than 4 years ago

Looking for relatives

Someone has probably contacted you already, but you might look at the name Leatherwood. The Walker name is associated with this family

Anne furniss more than 3 years ago

Leatherwood and Walkers

There is a Leatherwood, Ky. in East Ky. and people named walker. Most people in southeast ky are part Cherokee. Why did you post this text on a tree website? Was Janette connected to trees or loggers? My great grandpa Joe Musselwhite was on the Trail of Tears, but guards sent him back to east Ky with 2 beautiful sisters that the guarrrds sent back to marry. A whole lot of Cherokee were already here before. I think a lot of them hid on top of mountains here to avoid being sent west, and some, like my great grandpa, got away and came back here. I have a massive bent tree 5 ft in dIameter, Letcher Coubty Ky.

Greta 292 days ago

Bent & carved trees

There are a couple of Indian Marker trees on property of my ancestors. One is a very large beech tree with carvings of animals and other shape not easily recognized...it is near a spring that my family use daily for our water supply. Many elders have told me they used the water from this spring as it is what they call Freestone. There is another tree on the 30 acres that is what my mom and uncles called their horse tree...as they would play on it as children and ride like a horse. It was topped when a home was built nearby but preserved the bent section. This property is along the Old Federal Road which I believe was originally an Indian Trail. I would welcome someone that would want to document these trees.

Paula MI Waters more than 4 years ago

I have seen multiple small stone carvings, stump carvings, bent bushes, deer horned markers on trees with carved stone at the base of them, one big Boulder that's in the middle of it n has carvings of what appears to be of multitude animals including dinosaurs. It over the spread of the property but very very close together I have found need to speak with someone who can contact me bout Indian markers n carvings asap!

If the person in charge of this could please get in touch with me about this ASAP as some of it has been destroyed n I have multiple things in big numbers I can send pics of. Email is ridingp27@gmail.com

Lisa Pickett more than 5 years ago

trail trees

I live in oklahoma,informed several what these are,my geneology leads me back to georgia,carolinas,i have found several of these trees in oklahoma make it a point, one on top of turner falls,i take pictures informed them to preserve it,didnt take note,but its there...Going to myrtle beach in first part may, for first time, i will be looking.... mckay-mclains

Tammy Shawn more than 6 years ago

bent trail tree with lashing marks

I know of at least 3-5 large old bent trees on my land. One even has strap marks still visible in the bark

Randy more than 7 years ago

Bent Trees

One thing that may give this a little more provenance is the fact that we see these bent formations in very large Birch Trees very close to other Birch Trees that still have ancient carving in them. (Not Sally loves Rob), but very old Sunshine and other figurative carvings in the tree trunks in NW Ga.

Gordon more than 7 years ago

I have/had (lost one due to tornado) 2 trees that appear to have bent branches. They are red oaks so they fit the profile. Any suggestions?

I have/had a couple trees with bent branches. (Lost one due to tornado) they are red oaks which fit the profile and I'm guessing they are close to 100+ years old. Any suggestions?

Shaun Hampton more than 7 years ago

Cherokee trees

I have a tree that points dead north. Is this common?

Chris Alvey more than 7 years ago

Indian marker trees

I have 2 of those Indian marker trees behind my house.

jeanine satel more than 8 years ago