Spilling The Beans on The Bush Brothers

Family Ties, A Secret Recipe, and A Talking Dog



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Thanks for sharing a perfect story

Phil Hurst 157 days ago

Bioengineered and GMOs

Do your beans contain Bioengineered or GMO ingredients? If so, I consider your product to be poison and will not eat it. Just found out that Van Camps beans DO contain bioengineered ingredients and cannot understand WHY you people put untested, non-food items in your beans that could be found to cause injury to our bodies in the future!!!!???

Shirley 163 days ago

bush beans

love bush beans,only kind I buy,thanks for interesting article.

Evelyn Auld more than 1 year ago


That was a most interesting article! I'm a fan of Bush's beans and will be forever. Good luck for continued success! Julia in Cincy

Julia Walker more than 2 years ago