Joseph S. Hall

The Man Who Preserved Smoky Mountain English



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Friend of Joe Hall

For over 25 years, Dr. Joe Hall and I were close friends- I was first his student in 1A English then as his High Sierra and Tuolumne Meadows hiking and fishing buddy, listener of Joe's many Great Smokey Mountain and High Sierra tales, fellow classical music aficionado who listened to Joe play Chopin and Liszt on his baby grand in his house on Lemoyne St., one of his many surfing buddies on trips to Ensenada, Mexico, honored groom to have Joe as one of my Best Men at my wedding in 1977, watcher of his many 35mm films of his buddies and girl friends, and drinking buddy at Little Joe's in LA. He was an extraordinary mentor for me, had a huge, positive influence on my young life, was a great friend, and I, along with the many friends I introduced him to, miss him greatly to this day!!! Your tribute is spot on!!!

Robert P Michero more than 3 years ago