Nanyehi—Nancy Ward

Warrior. Peacemaker. Beloved Woman of the Cherokee



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8th Great Grandmother

Nanyehi is my 8th Great Grandmother. I am beyond humbled and blessed to have came from this AMAZING Warrior!! Much of my life I haven't really felt as if I belonged, or as if something in me was missing. I would love to know as much as possible about Granny Ward, Nanyehi. I seem to always be surrounded by hawks and crows. I wish I knew more about the significance of these magnificent birds! I do sincerely believe that I was born for a time such as this. I hope to make Nanyehi proud!

Ashley Renee 195 days ago

That's my 6th great grandmother!

I did not know she was my ancestor ( through Betsy, directly) until recently and could NOT be more proud! I knew I was British & Irish, but no idea I had native ancestry. And what about ancestry!!!!!!! HER great-great grandfather was a mix of Cherokee, Chalakatha & Kishpoko Black Nations who married a Cherokee. She was an activist before that word became a thing. I am so proud to call her family. I am going to try to track down my relatives. If any if the see this, I can be found on Facebook. If my name does not show, they may leave me a message here or the mods may pass on my name & email. Meanwhile I will look for them.

Kandi Traxel more than 4 years ago