“Something Hidden; Go and Find It”

Libby Kephart Hargrave and the Horace Kephart Legacy



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Thank you for publishing this article. I am truly humbled and grateful.Many people study and writeaboutHorace Kephart.

Thank you for publishing this article!! I am truly humbled and grateful! Butch was - as always - very kind and thoughtful with his words! Many people have studied and written about Horace Kephart. I was born into the story of Kep and Laura. This offers me a different perspective which I am always glad to share.
Mt great-grandfather achieved much in his lifetime. In my opinion, his greatest accomplishment was - following his nervous breakdown, he found his way back in the back of beyond. For that his family and all who have ever stepped foot in the Smokies are grateful.

Libby Kephart Hargrave more than 4 years ago


You called me in the 1990s because of my reference of Kep's name in a News and Observer (NC) opinion piece I wrote. I'd like to touch base on a book review I'm writing but can't find your email.

Dan Richter more than 3 years ago