Tellico Plains, Tenn.: A mountain town worth exploring—especially on two wheels

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Tellico Plains seems to be a beautiful small town, at least for visitors. However, not so much a friendly place if you try moving here from outside. Your important mail won’t be delivered if it gives you financial access. Anywhere you open a bank account down here will lock or freeze your accounts and the electric company will delete you out of the system claiming your not in there files ( like 2-3) times and then claim work was done even when there is no electric on your property. No one will talk to you about what the problem seems to be. The people living here will smile at you and then pull strings behind your back to make an outsiders life hell

Tonya more than 1 year ago

Thinking of Relocating Here from Vonore

I was very disturbed by your post. Is it really that bad? We are looking at a cute house that we fell in love with. We are very quiet, homebodies and the village seems to suit us. If you still live there please give an update. I see this post was made a year ago. Perhaps things have mellowed.

Debbie 61 days ago