Overlooking the countryside

Garret K. Woodward photo

The road gets smaller and smaller to Ron and Rachel Clearfield’s home. Pavement turns to gravel, then to dirt, the route lined by majestic rolling hills and thick woods. It’s Saturday and the sun is shining. Read more


I was a little too young to own “real” jewelry, but I wasn’t too young to be fascinated by the pretty, shiny things in the brightly lit glass case. Gold link bracelets, watches, and gemstone rings glinted magnificently. Read more


A vine to remember

Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

A fellow I know welcomes the holiday season by decking the halls, and the walls, and a few of the yard’s ornamental bushes with hundreds of lights that won’t come down until Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Read more


I imagined the jade vase being as essential to our Spartan living room as The Dude’s rug in that timeless classic “The Big Lebowski.” “Say, Chris, that jade vase really ties this room together," visitors would remark. Read more