Angela Raimondo Rosebrough

Parkway view

Photo courtesy of the Blue Ridge Parkway • Travis Bumgardner photo illustration

Of all the factors that led to the creation of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, postcards that depicted the beauty and grandeur of the Southern Appalachians may be the most overlooked. Read more

Like the ancients

Jennifer Garbrecht photo

The fire crackles to life with a single match strike, the small pile of kindling and tinder catching quickly. As it grows stronger, the blacksmith adds coke—a solid derivative of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal—to the yellow flames. Read more


Stand up that mountain

Karen Rindge photo

The road leading up to Big Yellow Mountain twists and turns, making tires to spin on gravel and engines grind into first gear. Climbing this mound of earth and rock seems best left to all-terrain vehicles, which fits it really. Read more


How one defines his or her faith is a personal matter, yet it is not uncommon to engage in a search for meaning. That search may take one to an Ashram in India or a rural Southern Baptist congregation, from loosely defined faith to formal worship. Read more