Author and historian will speak about Civil Way battles in East Tennessee. Read more



NPS photo

It’s not too often that celebration of a century on Earth gets commemorated with a vow to hike 100 miles. For the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, however, that’s exactly what the plan is. Read more


Sherrill Cove Tunnel

Courtesy of Lou Harshaw of The Asheville Chamber of Commerce

When the natural contour drops too steeply or turns too sharply, tunnels, like bridges, avoid jarring curves that would otherwise occur. Read more

Wiseman’s View

C.E. Westveer photo

Welcome to Smoky Mountain Living’s 75th anniversary issue on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We’re proud to bring you this special, keepsake issue packed with historic photos and fascinating interviews celebrating America’s Favorite Scenic Highway. Read more


Wildcat Rocks

Courtesy of Blue Ridge Parkway archives

As soon as the federal government endorsed the Parkway under the New Deal in 1933, a raging debate broke out between North Carolina and Tennessee over which state would win the scenic road. Read more

North of Buena Vista

Pat & Chuck Blackley photo

The Blue Ridge Parkway unravels gracefully across the landscape, at times suspended from high cliffs and etched into rocky crags, then skimming over hayfields and past log cabins bound by split-rail fences. Read more

As 2009 comes to a close, we like to take stock of all we’ve been through this year. Certainly, with all the troubling news about unemployment and businesses going bankrupt, it’s been a tough year for many, to say the least. Read more