Appalachian State University

Outdoor adventure programs

Photo courtesy of ASU Outdoor Programs

Though a common offering at universities today, the integration of adventure and academia was a novel consideration in the early 1970s, when introduced at ASU, but the program’s roots reach back even farther to the late nineteenth century. Read more


Checkered flag

Courtesy of the family

The Appalachian State University Library Stock Car Racing Collection is preserving racing history for future generations by building a comprehensive repository of stock car racing materials. Read more


True fan

Anna Oakes photo

A line meandered from one end of Appalachian State University’s new College of Education building, through an open, echoing lobby lit by the late afternoon sunlight, and down a narrow hallway, as visitors murmured excitedly. Read more


Solar Decathlon

Stefano Paltera/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon photo

The Solar Homestead is a self-sustaining net zero-energy house inspired by the pioneer spirit of the early settlers to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The isolation of early settlers to the Appalachian region fostered a pioneer spirit. Read more


Boone Downtown

Margaret Hester photo

Named for Daniel Boone, the American pioneer, explorer, and frontiersman born in 1734, Boone is tucked into a mountain valley in Watagua County, so named for the Watauga River, which takes its name from an Indian word meaning “beautiful water.” Read more

Biofuel crops

Appalachian State University photos

To help reduce dependence on fossil fuels, biologists at Appalachian State University are exploring an Asian grass and algae for use as feedstocks for biofuels. Read more


It had started to snow on our tiny yellow cottage in Shuffletown as dusk came on, and when the call came from Patricia, there were probably six inches in our backyard—a rarity in that part of the North Carolina Piedmont. Read more


Three’s a charm

ASU photo

Jerry Moore still remembers when he finally got the chance to suit up to play the game he loves more than anything. He had wanted to play football ever since 3rd grade but didn’t make it onto a team until 7th grade. Read more