Stack ‘Em Up and Eat ‘Em

Jill Sauceman photo

Stack cake is the ultimate mountaineers’ dessert—a not too sweet, but satisfying and completely flavored dessert made of 4-6 thin layers of molasses-tinged, biscuit-like cake covered with a dark, rich dried apple puree. Read more


Henderson County, North Carolina

Sam Dean photo

Widely known for its abundance of apples and as the final home of American poet and writer Carl Sandburg, this popular destination spot offers not only history and agriculture but also an array of culinary, musical and leisure experiences. Read more

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

Jamie Hargis photo

There’s something deeply resonant about the continuity of family farms, working the same land backward and forward in time. The heritage is particularly rich when the crops grow on trees. Read more


Certain locations and situations lend themselves to oftentimes predictable behaviors. Read more


Each fall brings another big, bountiful crop of tasty apples to the mountains. While the fruit can be found in many Western North Carolina communities, perhaps nowhere is it more celebrated than in Henderson County. Read more


Rosemary and Sage Apple Hand Pies

Meg Reilley photos

My lifelong love affair with apples is steeped in tradition. The crisp, fragrant fruit has popped up in family meals, festivities, and occasions for as long as I can remember. Read more


Pick of the crop

Bruce Ingram photo

Solar panels and windmills, chickens and berry patches—there’s plenty to look at on Big Horse Creek Farm in the highlands of Ashe County, North Carolina. But perhaps nothing is more striking than the rows of apple trees. Read more


I’m looking out over a scenic valley, my ill-chosen sandals covered in morning dew and verdant debris, when Bill Moretz turns to me and says, “Have you ever had a black raspberry?” Read more