“When it comes to the best places in the nation to see fall foliage, we'd be remiss not to mention a town in the Smoky Mountains." Read more


In a recent report by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, scientists say most native species have experienced at least a 20 percent loss in overall abundance due to habitat loss since the 1900s. Read more



Skip Sickler | Grandfather Mountain Stewardship Foundation

Grandfather Mountain is home to myriad species of plants and hardwood trees that range from pumpkin-colored beech trees to blood-red sourwoods and rusty red oaks. Read more


Some leaf color can begin to appear in early September as that lessening light cues the appearance of color in species such as sumac and sourwood. Read more


Now is an ideal time for a drive or hike through the Smokies as a golden haze has taken over the higher and mid elevations. Read more


Joe Deal was just a 20-something year old young man when he pitched the idea of a corn maze to his dad, a seasoned 30-year tobacco farmer who quit growing tobacco after the federal government deregulated its price in 2004-2005. Read more


Four Hikes, Four Experiences

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Autumn is a fantastic time of year to hike the trails in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The daytime temperatures are wonderfully cool and the air is clear of haze allowing for vistas that extend to the horizon. Read more



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My dad insisted on visiting Asheville during Halloween weekend, but I wanted him to come earlier. By then, leaves are past their peak in the valleys and have blown away from the ridgetops. Read more


We in the Northern Hemisphere experienced the autumnal equinox on September 22, with the hours of daylight and dark virtually equal. Ever since, we have been turning away from the sun, the light growing softer and the shadows longer. Read more


Rosemary and Sage Apple Hand Pies

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My lifelong love affair with apples is steeped in tradition. The crisp, fragrant fruit has popped up in family meals, festivities, and occasions for as long as I can remember. Read more



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Autumn lights up Southern Appalachia in a burst of color and activity. Our readers share their favorite scenes of this showstopping season. Read more

Visitors to Western North Carolina’s mountains can look forward to a good display of color this autumn, although some areas will enjoy brighter hues than others, predicts Kathy Mathews, Western Carolina University’s fearless fall foliage forecaster. Read more