Insects and flowers go back—way back. Flowering plants, scientifically known as angiosperms, are believed to have fully emerged around 140 million years ago. Read more


Bumble bee on wingstem

Phyllis Stiles

Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, bee stings were a regular occurrence. Once stung, you knew the power of the bee, but for most of us, the pain and tears from a sting were a part of childhood. Read more


Purple Coneflower

Sow True photo

I hold the firm belief that while a natural green thumb can come in handy, it is the willingness to get dirty hands that is the superior characteristic of a successful gardener. Read more



Mandy Newham-Cobb illustration

I was 50 years old, 50 feet up a tree, when 50,000 bees fell on my head. That many bees weigh more than you might think—maybe four or five pounds. Read more