Travel+Leisure, an international travel magazine, has ranked Asheville third among the 50 best places to visit around the world in 2020. Read more


There a distinct feeling that draws people to Waynesville’s wide sidewalks, weathered brick buildings, and broad bay windows. Words like comfortable, interesting and enjoyable come to mind. Read more



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The mountain beer scene continues to grow, with more than two dozen breweries now in the Asheville area and around 60 in Western North Carolina. Read more


Microbreweries of the mountains are peddling more than pints these days. The Smokies’ national acclaim as a craft-beer destination has led the burgeoning microbrewery scene on a quest for expansion, one that’s intersecting with the region’s history. Read more



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Whether he’s scavenging the countryside in search of honeysuckle and dandelion, scouring mom-and-pop farms for fennel and carrots, or tracking down local honey and sorghum cane juice, Todd Boera is on the cutting edge of the farm-to-mug movement. Read more


Yee-Haw came out big when it opened its brewery in Johnson City, Tennessee, in the summer of 2014. It essentially skipped the start-up stage, and hasn’t let up since. Read more


Fonta Flora in Morganton, N.C.

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With fewer than 17,000 residents, Morganton doesn’t top many culinary lists—at least not yet. Just don’t try to tell that to the diners at Wisteria Southern Gastropub. Read more



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Backtrack just 25 years in Asheville, and you’d be hard pressed to find beers beyond the Bud, Busch, Miller, or Coors brands. Maybe a Corona or Moosehead and their ilk. Heineken was the gourmet beer of standing. Read more


On Tap

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73-year-old Oscar Wong holds status as somewhat of a rock star in the Asheville, N.C. craft brewing scene since he helped blaze the path that’s led to a growing interest in regional craft beers. Read more