Carroll McMahan

Jake and Wendy Jacobs were living in an 1885 log cabin in the Colorado Rockies when they learned the Thomas Amis estate in Tennessee was for sale. Read more


The natural beauty of Carter County, Tennessee, has beckoned visitors for centuries, ever since the area was populated by the Cherokee. From the Watauga River, brimming with trout, to the mile-high Roan Mountain, there is something for everyone. Read more


The Rose Glen Literary Festival is an annual event held the last Saturday in February that features presentations, a panel discussion and a writing workshop as well as a luncheon and keynote speaker. Read more

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Situated along the banks of the Little River, the picturesque village of Townsend, Tennessee, is laid back but never boring. The town slogan—The Peaceful Side of the Smokies—isn’t just a brand created to attract visitors; it is reality. Read more


Forty-Dollar Rembrandts

Rock City photo

At its zenith, this ingenious form of outdoor advertising urging motorists to visit Rock City, could be viewed on the sides and rooftops of around 900 barns spread along 12,000 miles of highways in 19 states. Read more


The tumbling waters of Wolf Creek have flowed down from Neel’s Gap for a century since September 14, 1917, when acclaimed poet Byron Herbert Reece was born in a one-room hand-hewn log cabin. Read more


Before and after

Photo special to Smoky Mountain Living

Working in her studio nestled on a hillside overlooking Wears Valley, a border community of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, artist Kathryn Rutherford’s face takes on a radiance. Read more


New Harp of Columbia

Carroll McMahan photo

Harmonious voices—often described as spirited, soulful, poignant, even haunting—ring out from Middle Creek United Methodist Church in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. These shape-note singers practice an art older than the church where they’ve assembled. Read more


Lily Kusmik’s work begins with 25 pounds of clay and a Louisville Slugger. In those incongruous tools and her own two hands, she sees possibility, creating sculptural porcelain vessels by forming the clay over the fat end of a baseball bat. Read more


David Crockett Maples

Courtesy of Kirby Smith

In the winter of 1875, Polly Maples had an ominous feeling as her husband prepared to leave her, their children, and the warmth of the hearth in their humble mountain cabin. Read more


The Man, George Masa

Courtesy of Great Smoky Mountains Association/George Masa Collection

In 1933, George Masa, a pivotal figure in the establishment of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the creator of some of the finest black and white photographs of the region, died in Asheville from influenza. Read more


Harm Teaster Harmon Den

Donated photo

Every day travelers by the thousands weave through the Pigeon River Gorge along Interstate 40 between Hartford, Tenn. and Maggie Valley, N.C. Seven miles from the remote state line, a lone sign points toward Harmon Den. Read more

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