Barter Theatre

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The money raised will benefit Barter Theatre and the Annual Fund for Artistic Excellence. Read more


Bellafina Chocloates

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From Mad Priest Coffee in Chattanooga to Aurora Studio & Gallery in Asheville and many places in between, the mountains are full of labors of love - business that put people ahead of profits. Read more

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Love Kitchen

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It’s a little past 8 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and 82-year-old twin sisters Helen Ashe and Ellen Turner are in the kitchen cracking eggs into wide-mouth wooden bowls. Brewing coffee infuses the air with an earthy aroma. Read more


Charity compilation

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Over the years, the music industry has helped produced some stirring and riveting compilation albums benefiting important and deserving causes. These albums have not only aided charities, but have also propelled the careers of musicians. Read more